Welcome to my fractal gallery !

Here you will find hundreds colorful, high-quality, continuous-shades true 24-bit pictures of chaotic iterated systems (AKA "fractals"), real photos from seen and unseen universes (NO image processing or elaboration) such as you'll hardly find elsewhere!

I spent several years in the past investigating and working in this field also. All the fractals I have made were created with propertary software [ZoneXplorer] and algorithms both developed by me after HARD WORK - no toys for children.

Please keep in mind that all the pictures hosted here are NOT public domain but they lay under author's copyright. Any unauthorized redistribution, printing, publication or commercial usage of them is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.

Enjoy your eyes!

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Enter Section #0 Maps of polynomial and rational mathematical functions 101 December 30, 2012
Enter Section #1 Maps of mathematical functions with geometrical distortions (1st order discontinuities) applied 233 December 30, 2012
Enter Section #2 Maps of transcendental mathematical functions (qualitatively, they pretty behave like infinite degree polynomials) 108 December 30, 2012
Enter Section #3 Pictures from Julia sets of arbitrary geometrical transformations, rather than actual math functions, allowing second order discontinuities. Very impressive ones! 73 December 30, 2012
Enter Section #4 Historical archive: the first maps obtained with ZoneXplorer (mostly grayshades, colored by hand). Some are REALLY nice, have a look! 116 never more
Enter Section #5 «Thick Fractals» - A new, experimental method I developed to compute fractals of geometrical transformations with overlapping boundaries and yet without using recursive or random procedures. A field still to be better explored. 80 January 1, 2013

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